Solutions & Value Added Services

Banyan offers a full range of value added services and solutions for their clients. Our goal is to provide unsurpassed service and build lifetime repeat clients.
Value Added Service


Banyan Construction Ltd. can facilitate master plan coordination, architectural coordination, design consulting, product and material importation and procurement, engineering coordination, marketing, finance and accounting services, all focused on providing extra value through collaboration, consistency, and creativity. The end result is successful projects from inception through completion. Cost savings are realized as a result of full in-house capability and smoothly integrated processes. Budgets are contained and timelines met.

Our services include:

  • Market research and feasibility studies

  • Market identification and best-use analysis

  • Project acquisition sourcing, targeting and land procurement

  • Legal services and documentation

  • Generation and analysis of pro forma

  • Master plan design development

  • Civil infrastructure planning and development

  • Financial modeling

  • Management of rezoning, land planning and permit application processes

  • Formal presentation preparation and public delivery

  • Public engagement, disclosure and ascent strategies

  • Construction financing preparation and procurement

  • Established and proven fully integrated office management systems

  • Offshore product/material sourcing, importing and procurement

  • Full accounting and financial services

  • Life cycle assessment and financial modelling

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